2018 Chevy Silverado 1500 Diesel – Full Review, Price and Specs

January 6, 2017 CHEVROLET, Upcoming cars

2018 Chevy Silverado 1500 Diesel Review

Are you on the lookout for a quality pickup and that too with the best of changes and features? Then it is likely that you will find the next few lines interesting and informative. The new 2018 Chevy  Silverado 1500 diesel review without any doubt is a full size pickup truck which certainly is evincing lot of interest.

There were a few who got behind the wheels of this amazing truck and
therefore it would not be a bad idea to have a closer look at the various features which this new truck might come up with. There are many who believe that it will have quite a few powerful and dynamic changes. This could include a more powerful engine featuring the much talked about Duramex 6.6 liter diesel v-8 features and the best of turbocharge technology will also be made available.


A Look At The Engine And Its Power

It would be pertinent to mention that the engine is quite powerful and comes with 396 horsepower capacity which will be able to induce around 460 lb-ft of torque. Further the Duramax would also perhaps come with new additions 49 horsepower which could generate additional 145 lb ft which are now available as far as the 2016 engines are concerned. This certainly compares very favorably with other competitors brands like the 6.7 Power Stroke turbo diesel variant of Ford and also similar vehicles such as Ram Cummins and many other such vehicles. This according to experts will most certainly give a tough fight to the Ford F-150 which runs on EcoBoost Engine and the EcoDiesel Engines of Dodge Ram trucks.


What Sets It Apart

It would be pertinent to mention that whether it is open road or some site, the new variant of the Silverado has the muscle power and the brawn to take on almost anything. It has a huge towing capacity of 18000 pounds and it most certainly would be able to do it effortlessly and perhaps over terrains which are not exactly good to say the least. It will come with a six speed automatic transmission system. It also is expected that the new 2018 Chevy Silverado model will offer customers three choices, viz. regular, double or crew cab body styles.

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They also would be able to provide 8.0 foot or six foot bed lengths. Further there is hardly any doubt that they will also be able to provide both rear wheels as well as four wheel drive option. Therefore at the end of the day there are many reasons to believe that it comes with a number of new and exciting options and additions making it suitable for almost any job that might think of as far as a heavy duty truck is concerned.


2018 Chevy Silverado Price Comparison

It is expected that the 2018 Chevy Silverado 1500 Diesel will be priced in such a way that it is able to compete with a host of other such pickup trucks including the likes of Ford F-250, Super Duty, GMC Sierra, Ram 2500, Nissan Tata XD, Toyota Tundra and various other makes and models. Hence one can expect that the various new versions of 2018 Chevy Silverado 1500 will be priced in the band of $28,505 to $58,235.


Why It Could Cause Ripples In The Market

There are many reasons as to why it could create ripples in the market when it hits the roads in 2018. It certainly is a combination of raw power and the interiors and exteriors have some luxury elements built into it. Talking about the interiors it comes with dash coverings, the best of leather upholstery, front seats which have heating and cooling facilities and a steering wheels which stays heated, etc. It also comes with parking sensors, backup cameras and the automatic climate control is also something which one needs to take into account.

It also has a 4G LTE modem facility with Wi-Fi connection. The Apple CarPlay device is amazing according to those who have seen it. Further it would most certainly also have Android Auto connectivity, satellite radio facility and of course cellphone charging facilities.


Will Something Be Missing

While the above certainly takes into account the various pros and positive features associated with this pickup truck, there are others who believe that it might disappoint a few customers with some missing features. The rear sets might not come heated and the climate control facility may not be available for those who are seated in the rear. It perhaps will have to wait for the next modification. Chevrolet would have done it but that would have pushed the price but a few thousand more dollars. After they are here to compete with some big names and therefore being price competitive is extremely important to say the least.

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2018 Chevy Silverado video

A Look At How It Performs On The Road

It also would be pertinent to mention that the new version will stand up to the reputation of being more like a cargo container ship. It will most certainly be extremely stable and thought it might take some time to change direction, no one wants to hurry this under any circumstances. However, in spite of being quite powerful and mammoth in size, it has the pickup needed to lap up long distances quite effortlessly. Therefore one can hope that it will be able to clear the 60 mph barrier in 7.4 seconds and reach the 86 mph barrier within 15.8 seconds. It will well and truly leave behind almost the entire competition behind when it comes to speed and power. The only model which perhaps can come close to it could be the GM2500 HD trucks.

As far as fuel efficiency is concerned it would be able to offer around 13 mpg for a distance of 900 miles. However, it certainly is noisier when compared to other diesel pickup trucks. However, this does not matter much when it is about covering huge distances effortlessly and the drivers will not have much to complain as far as fatigue and tiredness is concerned.

Hence at the end of the day there is no doubt that the 2018 Chevy Silverado 1500 Diesel will certainly have quite a few amazing new things to offer without compromising on the core strengths which have made it as one of the most powerful and reliable pickup trucks in the country today. Keep checking this space till the market release of the vehicle.

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