2017 BMW i9 – Fastest BMW Supercar in the World

January 10, 2017 2017, BMW, Upcoming cars

2017 BMW i9 review

Since the release of i8 rumours about the release of a BMW i9 were floating around the market. It was expected that this car will be the sporty version of the i8, but now it seems to be untrue. As per the information available online “I” and “M” divisions of BMW are expected to work together to make this new car, i9, since its official announcement. Though much authentic information about this new car is not available till date but it is expected to have carbon fibre monocoque like that of the i8. It will include the perfect process of BMW to make cars that are not only very light but also highly rigid and quite easy to make. The review of 2017 BMW i9 provided in this write up will help you to know this new car more closely.


Engine and Performance

According to the information available in the market the hybrid car 2017 BMW i9 is expected to have 7 series engine categorised as 3.0 L with six cylinders which make it equivalent to the car with strong electric motor. It is not expected to have the engine of i8, which has received many negative reviews. Currently the electric engine of i8 produces 184 ft-lb torque and nearly 130 horsepower and the current model of M4 supercar has 3.0 L V6 engine that produces nearly 430 horsepower. But as per the rumours the engine of i9 is expected to produce 550 ft-lb torque and 500 horsepower so that I can attain speed from 0-60 mph within 4 seconds only.

According to rumours, the first version of 2017 BMW i9 is expected to have six twin-turbocharged petrol engines to produce 450 ft-lb and 500 horsepower which can be enough to attain the top speed up to 200 mph and from 0-60 mph in even less than 4 seconds. More interesting fact about this hybrid version is that it can be nearly $100,000 more expensive than its regular version when 3.0-liter engine will be used in it along with a set of batteries and two electric motors.


The advanced version of this AWD hybrid supercar is expected to have engine that can produce 600 ft-lb torque and 600 hp to compete competently its rivals. With both the standard engines it is expected to provide an automatic seven-speed dual clutch to allow it to achieve 0-60 mph speed in less than 3 seconds with top speed of 210 mph to make it the fastest BMW car of the world.

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Though, 2017 BMW i9 is expected to have all new features including its interior, exterior and engine but it is expected to have shared chassis. In this way the design of this all new supercar is more aggressive than the cars released by the company since last three decades.

2017 BMW i9 is expected to have dramatic sales on the basis of its design and performance as done by i8. The first look of this supercar is expected to impress the viewers like all other supercars but it can be more impressive than others due to its futuristic features. On the other hand the features of i9 are expected to be inspired by the features of M1, its original model. The low nose featured on the front of this car provides it more aggressive looks whereas its back is wider than i8 which can be its another noticeable feature.


It is also expected that this supercar may have more active aerodynamic features to make it faster than its rivals. Though any authentic information about its models is not available till date but still it is expected that its two models with dramatic design will be released initially. The cabin of this car will be able to accommodate two person comfortably as expected by BMW supercars.

As per the information rumoured in the market company wants to keep secret about the price and review of its 2017 BMW i9 as they are concerned about its unique design. Its exterior design is expected to be more modern than that of i8, which was super-modern at the time of its release. The sheet metal used in this supercar will be the main thing that can affect its price, according to the reports received so far. It is also expected to have a combination of carbon fibre and aluminium like that of 6 series BMW to be released in 2017. The company has given more aerodynamic features to this car by decreasing its weight. In this way it can be said that the customers of i9 can get lots of cues from BMW.

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BMW i9 Price 

Though any information about the price of 2017 BMW i9 has not been released by the company till date but still it is expected to be released at the price tag of $136,000. The reason behind its higher price is that it may get top rank easily like i8, its most expensive sibling. This calculation is made on the basis of the price of previous supercars released by this company. According to some other rumours the expected price of the basic model of this supercar can start from $150,000 which may increase up to $250,000 for its top models with more powerful engines, like several other supercars available in the market. No matter in what price range BMW launches this machine, it is going to enjoy great attention of the supercar enthusiasts from round the globe.


Release Date

Though no official information about the release of 2017 BMW i9 is not available but according to the rumours in the market it is expected that BMW is going to celebrate the anniversary of its hybrid cars with the release of this supercar. Its release is expected to be in upcoming months in 2017. As per experts i9 is expected to have a hybrid engine to produce nearly 500 horsepower as it is expected to be the fastest car of the world. This hybrid car is the descendant of a popular supercar M1 during 1978-81.


Thus 2017 BMW i9 is expected to be the best and the fastest supercar of the world when it will be released officially in this year. All the admirers and marketers of supercars are waiting for the official announcement of the release of this car since long.