Audi Q9 Might Replace Q7 in the Nearest Future

February 20, 2017 AUDI, Upcoming cars

The upcoming car from the German automobile brand Audi is most probably supposed to be the latest flagship model from its Q line of vehicles most. This concept car is expected to be released with the name Audi Q9. The company has decided to release the largest SUV in the form of this concept car in comparison to the SUVs produced earlier by this brand.

With a number of improvements and modifications, it is supposed to be released as the latest luxury SUV as compared to its competitors in the market. Moreover, growing market of the company in China, Middle East and USA can also be another reason of releasing this new concept SUV by this international automobile brand.

Though the release date of Audi Q9 has not been declared officially so far but on the basis o unofficial reports and rumors its release can be assumed some time by the last of 2017 or in the beginning of 2018. Some more information about this new Audi SUV is provided here under on the basis of the photos released by the company and the rumors received from the reliable sources. In order to expect the most luxurious SUV from Audi you can expect everything perfect in this car.

audi q9 exterior


The design of the exterior of Audi Q9 is expected to be futuristic to make it more attractive and stylish at first glance. Though enough details about its exterior is not available so far still it is described here on the basis of the photographs received through reliable sources. One thing that can be said certainly about this latest SUV is about its platform. It is expected to have MLB Evo platform provided by Volkswagen group for earlier versions of Audi cars.

Like the latest models of several other companies Audi is also expected to use lots of aluminium made parts in the construction of the chassis of Audi Q9 to improve its fuel efficiency and reduce its overall weight. Lots of rounded curves and sharp creases are also expected in this model. The logo of the company will be graved in the middle of the front grille of this SUV for its easy recognition. It is expected to be released in three trims mainly – Premium, Prestige and the Premium Plus.

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The headlights of Audi Q9 are expected to be a bit different from its Q5 model as they may use laser technology to help LED headlight give sharper and brighter light. Its taillights are also expected to be different from its predecessors and its angular brake lights can be extra sharp. The flat but fully flared and C-post shoulders above the wheels of this car will give it curvier external look. The new model of Audi SUV is also expected to have automatically adjustable side mirrors along with a panoramic sun roof.

2019 audi q9

Audi Q9 Interior

The cabin of Audi Q9 is supposed to be much classier than what people used to see in the Q line of cars from this brand. Everything inside it is supposed to be perfect as it is advertised as the most luxurious vehicles in its class. Its highly adjustable seats are supposed to be as comfortable as you find in the first class of any airplane as they are supposed to be covered with premium quality leather. Its standard upholstery is supposed to be of premium leather to give its interior more luxurious look whereas there can be several buttons on its steering wheel to control this vehicle more efficiently.

It is supposed to have spacious cabin as it is assumed that it may have seven seats. This full sized SUV may also have ventilation and heating for both passengers and the driver. It may have a simple but nicely organised dashboard with an updated infotainment system and a large display.

The touch screen control system on its dashboard will help its drive to run a number of commands while driving it very easily. Its infotainment system is also expected to have sound system of highest quality including four stereo speakers and a HD radio, USB connectivity, Bluetooth and virtual cockpit.

The security system provided in it can include anti-collision sensor, anti-lock brake system, lane departure warning, parking sensor, review mirror, blind spot monitor, adjustable seat belts, ABS bag, tire pressure monitor and traffic alerts along with other gadgets usually used for vehicle safety.

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It may also have an air-conditioning system of high quality along with three zone system of climatic control. The Electronic Stability Program or ESP is also expected to be provided in this model. It may also have ambient lighting in its interior to enhance its internal decor.

2019 audi q9 interior

Engine and Performance

Though detail information of the engine and its performance is not available so far still the information provided here under is based on its previous models and the models of its competitors. The engine of Audi Q9 is supposed to be equally strong as the models of its competitors have. Most likely it may have a 3.0L V6 engine with 8 cylinders to power it.

The engine of this four wheel drive vehicle may have an eight-speed automatic transmission system to produce 252 lb-ft torque and 333 horsepower. Its engine will have direct injection fuel delivery system. the top speed of this concept car is supposed to be 128 mph and its rate of acceleration can be 5.5 seconds to achieve 0-60 mph speed. Its fuel efficiency in the city can be 19 mpg and on highways 25 mpg.

2019 audi q9 interior

Price and Release Date

Though no official information about the price and release date of Audi Q9 is available till date still on the basis of the rumors received from reliable sources of automobile market it is expected to be released by the end of 2017 or the beginning of 2018. The expected price of this concept car can be nearby $50,000, assessed on the basis of its previous models. Some of the competitors of this latest Audi SUV may include X7 from BMW, GLC-Class from Mercedes-Benz, Bentayga from Bentley and Escalade from Cadillac.

Thus, after going through the review of Audi Q9 provided in this write-up it can be concluded easily that German automobile company, Audi, is producing its latest concept SUV as the most luxurious car as compared to its previous models and a number of its competitors.