2019 Honda Accord – Became Bigger and Totally Redesigned

February 16, 2017 2017, Honda, Upcoming cars

The Honda Accord is a series of cars or automobiles produced from the house of Honda since 1976. The series is very popular and best known since it is a four-door sedan model variant, and has secured its position in the US as one of the best selling cars from the year 1989. The highly esteemed brand or nameplate Accord has been given to a wide range of vehicles starting from wagons, coupes, hatchbacks and crossover all over the world. The 2019 Honda Accord model is touted to be launched in late 2018 with a complete new redesigned model which is expected to exhibit quite a lot of changes both in the exterior and interior part paired along with innovative design language which will have the potential to skyrocket the sales figure once again.

Some news has reported that the key updates in features will include a brand new platform with the inclusion of modern turbocharged engine.

Car buyers or customers will be able to notice the changes instantly about the way Honda will adopt a sportier and sleeker look targeted to meet the demand of the latest generation of the popular midsize sedan. It will have a much bigger footprint of the car which in turn means large space area inside. This sedan has made it to the 10Best Cars list since years as it wows with its practicality, affordability, and comfort and also is able to offer something visceral for people who love driving.

What’s New?

The current and most new design specification is expected to be implemented on the inside and exterior part as well, so it is not easy to get information about the features of exterior design, but still there are some rumors and talks afloat about it. First and foremost the size of new 2019 Honda Accord will be much enhanced so as to differentiate it from Honda civic model. The exterior will possess a sleek profile having a beautiful arching roofline which blends lucidly with the aggressive slope of the rear window. Hopefully the brand’s latest corporate grille which currently beautifies the bigger Pilot crossover or Ridgeline truck, will also adorn the front of Accord, and that is indeed awesome.

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The fast cabin bears a similar look to that of the modern Civic sedan model and at the same time establishes a departure or differentiation from the conservative shape of present day Accord design. The upcoming version of 2019 Honda Accord claims to possess the same platform like its Civic counterpart that is the latest modular design of brand Honda and it is definitely stiffer and lighter than everything used by the automobile maker previously for the regular fleet and in turn it will be advantageous to the dynamics of Accord qualities to a great extent. The version of this platform may even underpin the next-generation CR-V of Honda.

2019 Honda accord news


At first glance when you watch the interiors of 2019 Honda Accord, it displays that may be the car designers have taken quite a bit of inspiration from the new Civic series, as you can see the angular design themes of the compact car is being shifted over to the Accord. The latest Accord will be somewhat wider than its predecessor, thus passengers get a better leg space inside, and thus it increases overall comfort of the passengers. Interior will be modified in such a manner that it will blend the features of Civic and Accords in order to create a mind blowing design.

Honda will market Accord as a reliable and safe family sedan car, and hence from the technical point of view the Honda Sensing active safety technology is expected to be continued as a unique selling point. The other important features including automatic braking, forward movement collision warning, with active lanes keeping with adaptive cruise will assist the car to earn the coveted IIHS Top Safety Pick rating for its well-designed models with latest equipment. All these salient features are going to find a way in the interior of redesigned Accord for year 2019, and with some additional updating may be, since you cannot afford to be complacent with safety measures since the concept of enough safety do not exist in this competitive market.

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Engine and Specs

On the vital topic of engines of Honda Accord, which is one of the, if not the most important part there are many predictions, opinions or information floating around. One of the important features is the 1.5 Liter turbocharged four cylinder engine which is going to be the pole bearer for the next 2019 Honda Accord in all probability. Honda Civic having the same engine specifications generates 162 lb-feet of torque and 174 HP and, which may get enhanced for the variant of Accord. Some news is there which says Honda may remove away the 3.5 Liter V6 in the favor of 2.0 Liters of turbocharged unit, that is going to substitute it. This seems unlikely to a great extent but let’s see what’s in store for future.

Another bonus good news is the upcoming version of the Accord Hybrid which might be provided with the same features of intact 212 HP 4 cylinder engine along with electric motor combo which has been introduced by Honda in 2019 Accord Hybrid.

2019-Honda-Accord-release date

Price and Release Date

The much anticipated release date for the new face-lifted redesigned Accord for 2019 is still not known for sure, but some news reveals you can expect it to make it to the showroom at one of the larger auto shows in 2018 and most probably the sales will start sometime around the end of 2018. There is no specific confirmation to this date so you have to wait for some more time for the latest updates or changes or detailed information regarding the date. The very anticipated Price of the latest 2019 Honda Accord model is one more important thing, that everyone is waiting to know but is still not known for sure.

It is predicted that it may amount to something near $30,000 or may be slightly higher. This will depend on the engine specification and trim, while the Hybrid version of Accord it seems will be more costly near the range of $39.000 to $40.000.