Ford Super Chief – First Tri-Flex 550HP V10 Pickup Truck

January 24, 2017 FORD, Upcoming cars

A Complete Overview of Ford F-250 Super Chief

Ford has always manufactured some great cars and trucks for the people. That is why people love this brand. Whenever it releases a truck it is always the best and comes with some revolutionary changes and features. With some great versatile features, the Ford Super Chief is the new vehicle that has been launched in the year 2006. It is a concept truck which was designed and manufactured by Ford. It features an efficient tri-flex fuelling system which allows the users to use three types of fuels (including gasoline, hydrogen or E85 Ethanol). It looks exceptionally stylish from the exterior as well as comfortable from inside. Even, if you consider other specifications then it is awesome! To know more about this powerful and stylish concept truck, read on.

Ford Super Chief  Engine

This super luxury concept truck has always come up with some great new engine system. Thus, it continues to be powerful in its performance. A revolutionary design and engine is coming up for the latest version which will surely make you fall in love for this vehicle. The Tri-Flex fuelling system will continue in its latest model. Along with that you can expect a highly powerful 6.8 litres SOHC engine with 30 valves. The V10 engine will be capable of producing high power of 550 HP and 400 lb-ft of torque. Someone who loves truck will easily fall in love with this concept truck. It has both the luxury and power.

You will also get both All-Wheel drive and rear wheel drive options with the 6-speed automatic transmission. Thus, you can expect an overall enhancement in terms of engine and performance of this truck. The top speed of this concept truck will remain at 180 mph and in total one refuelling one can cover 500 miles. The lightweight chassis is really going a great job in the fuel efficiency. You can use hydrogen for better environment as this is an environment friendly fuel. It releases 99 % less carbon dioxide than that of the gasoline.

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Exterior of The Truck

The most interesting thing about this truck is that it is a super luxurious truck. From the interior as well as the exterior it looks amazing. Ford is a well-established automobile company which understands the need of the people quite well. It has designed something new and exciting for a truck. Majority of the concept or pickup trucks that are available in the market has the same boring look. But it is not the same with the Ford Super Chief. It is very much appealing. If you drive through the roads it is bound to attract everyone’s eyes. This model has been admired and loved by many people due to its consistent growth, performance as well as looks.

As mentioned earlier, the lightweight chassis is really a great decision in order to enhance the performance. But along with that Ford has also made it highly durable, sturdy and good looking. The high quality tough aluminum provides immense safety and security to the rider as well as driver. It comes with a large bumper which looks pretty awesome and manly. The sturdy hood gives that aggressive look. Along with that, how can someone miss the newly designed horizontal grille? This newly designed grille looks amazing. The look of this truck is overall killing. The looks of this car is accentuated by the sharp LED headlights. It looks superb with the overall tough and aggressive look of this concept truck.


Interior & Comfort of the Vehicle

One of the most important things that you want when you buy a car is the comfort. Of course without proper comfort and luxury the ride can never be interesting, fun and smooth. To make your ride luxurious and comfortable you need to look at the interior of this concept truck. Once you get inside the car, you will realize that the interior is designed in one of the most luxurious ways. The interior designs are really classy and elegant along with comfortable seats. The seats are really cozy wrapped in high-quality premium leather.

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Ford Super Chief Interior

The pillows make the interior look more sophisticated and luxurious. Even the steering wheel is covered with premium leather for better handling. Of course, it enhances the elegance of the interior beauty. The digital seat belt alert system is also the latest addition to its features.

The new operating system and the dashboard consisting of all the latest technologies and features draw the biggest attention to Ford Super Chief. You can adjust and control the internal temperature. There are some fascinating features like Wi-Fi, satellite navigation, Bluetooth, USB port and smart phone connectivity. Overall the interior is really comfortable and you can get utmost comfort while driving or even riding through different terrains. When it comes to safety and security, this car has a lot of safety and security features. You can see a lot of features that will help you to alert you in case of any over speeding, changing of lane and also if any collision is possible. Thus, you need to get these alert and take actions on your own.

Ford Super Chief backseats


The final verdict about this super luxurious concept truck is that it is really an awesome truck with some great and fascinating features. You need to understand that the safety features can only alert you or send you warning. It cannot take any action on its own. You have to take the action based on the alert or warning given. You will get utmost comfort and luxury in this car. Even the engine of this Ford Super Chief is so powerful that it will provide you with the best performance.

So, in terms of power and performance you can completely rely on this truck. Even the design, look and features of this truck is worth mentioning. People love the aggressive look and built of this car. For its overall performance and looks it has become quite popular among people. So, if you are looking to buy a concept truck for yourself, then definitely go for this one. It is a complete beast and a great value for money.