2018 Nissan Titan – Fast and Furious Pickup is Ready to Hit the Roads

February 6, 2017 NISSAN, Upcoming cars

A Complete Overview of the 2018 Nissan Titan

Nissan is one of the leading auto manufacturer brands in the world. It has always produced some great vehicles that are powerful as well as stylish. This great combo is also found in their truck segment. That is simply amazing. Besides being sturdy and tough, they still managed to keep the trucks elegant and powerful at the same time. Talking about the 2018 Nissan Titan, it has a lot of new features to offer to the buyers.

You can notice some of the significant changes in this model to improvise its looks and performance for better. With so many choices available in the market nowadays, this can be quite unique in terms of design as well as performance. Like many, if you are also one of the fans of sturdy trucks then this can be a great one to look for. To know more details about this amazing truck, read on.

2018 nissan titan warrior

2018 Nissan Titan Engine & Performance

Whenever it comes to the performance of any vehicle, make sure to check its engine. The engine quality and power is largely responsible for the performance of the car. If it is a truck then the engine has to be very much efficient as well as powerful in order to perform well. This 2018 Nissan Titan is a complete beast with a 5.6-I V8 engine which can produce a huge power of 350 HP and a torque of 400 lb-ft. This change under the hood is responsible for the better and more efficient version of this truck.

Also it might be a 5.0 liter turbo diesel Cummins engine which will be able to generate 310 HP of power at 450 lb per feet of torque. As the transmission will work the six-speed robot from an Aisin. So, if you want something which is powerful and stylish enough to fulfill your dream of owning a truck, then you should buy this one.

At this point of time though there are not much information available about the choices that may come with this, but it is pretty much evident that something revolutionary is on its way. Due to the weight reduction of the truck there will be a great effect on the overall fuel consumption and efficiency of the truck. You can expect a huge enhancement in performance to this weight drop. The model is redesigned in such a way that it can perform more efficiently that the previous models. As of now, the towing efficiency is still unknown. But you can expect the same like its predecessors. The heavy duty 6-speed Aisin transmission is also a great addition to this model.

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2018 nissan titan exterior

Exterior Look & Design

Of course, as much as the engine and performance of the truck is essential the exterior look and design is equally important. This 2018 Nissan Titan possess a warrior look with a tough exterior modern armor. You can expect a few changes and redesigning in the 2018 version of the Nissan Titan truck. The stealthy and robotic look is quite impressive. You can also expect a reduction in the weight of the entire body weight of vehicle. But the chassis material is quite sturdy and tough.

With sharp cutting edge design you can see the premium feel and elegance in its design. The bright high power headlights produce strong lights which can make everything visible even on the darkest nights. You cannot miss the cool front grille of this vehicle. The quad-tipped exhaust system can portray the warrior feel brilliantly. Though not yet confirmed about any particular specifications and also the additional features, you can definitely expect a lot of new additions of advanced features. The latest technologies will surely be a fun thing to look for.

Interior Comfort & Coziness

Another very important thing that you need to look for is the comfort level. If the car is not comfortable or cozy enough then you will not love to take a ride on it. The best thing that you can do is to make sure that the interior is all comfortable with cozy seats. With this 2018 Nissan Titan your dream will be fulfilled. The amazing cozy and comfortable interior is really a great thing. The seats are highly luxurious wrapped up in a premium leather cover. Thus, you can have a complete peach of mind and get cozy when you are riding or driving in this truck through the streets. The best part that you will love in this vehicle is that you can enjoy a smooth and great ride regardless of which type of terrain it is.

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2018 nissan titan interior

No matter how plane or undulating and rugged the land is you can enjoy a great ride smoothly through it. This is because of the super-efficient suspension system of the car. You can expect that the power steering wheel will be covered with premium leather with climate control feature which will make it easier and more comfortable for you to drive. Even the interior of the car is filled with various entertaining features and technologies. All of these are latest ones with new features. You will thoroughly enjoy these infotainment where you can play music, radio, navigate and also use voice commands. There are many more additional features in the 2018 version which you will come to know once they announce the launch date.

2018 Nissan Titan Price & Release Date

The price of this super powerful and efficient truck will be set as high as $40,000. This price tag is just an estimation and can vary. The actual price will be known during the release date. So, the actual price can vary from the predicted price. Though the release date is not confirmed yet, but according to the speculation this 2018 Nissan Titan will be release in August 2017. If there is any changes or the date is confirmed then you will be notified about that. For this, follow this space carefully. Talking about the price, if the price is ranged at this amount then it is quite obvious it is a high range truck. But this is completely value for money considering everything such as looks, comfort, engine, performance and other features.

2018 nissan titan Release date


So, if you are looking forward to buy a truck which will be super powerful as well as great in performance, then you should keep this 2018 Nissan Titan in your wish list. Soon after this truck is release you can confirm the features and specifications thoroughly. Then you can decide whether or not to buy it.