2017 Dodge Magnum Announced – Redesign – Release Date – Price

January 7, 2017 2017, Dodge, Upcoming cars

 2017 Dodge Magnum Review

It has been quite some time since we last saw any major updates or modifications as far as the Dodge Magnum is concerned. However, if you look up the internet you will certainly come across a number of articles which talk about the impending arrival of a new version of Dodge Magnum. It is believed that the new 2017 Dodge Magnum will certainly have a number of new features and changes. However, the actual release date is still shrouded in mystery but what is quite obvious is that it will certainly have a number of interesting and perhaps even major changes to the previous models. Hence it would be interesting to find out what customers can expect from the new model of Dodge Magnum.


Why A New Version Is Looked Forward To

The main reason why so much hope has been built around 2017 Dodge Magnum is because nothing much has been done for the past many years. Competition has come out with many changes and if nothing much is done now, it could become a big problem to retain customers and add new ones. However, going by grapevine reports, many believe that it will have some breathtaking changes. Further there are some spy shots which also suggest that Dodge is now taking things seriously as far as giving a new look to Magnum is concerned.



It is hoped that the new model will add a lot of exuberance and force as far as the interiors are concerned. It could come with a completely new design and have some elegant features to make it look all new. Lot of focus will perhaps be given on the aerodynamics of the car. It is expected to have some fine lines which will not only help it to look much better but will also help it to move through highways at great speed with minimal resistance from the wind.


The headlights and taillights will also have some changes being done and the new bumper will make the exterior look sporty and aggressive. The new grille will also be there and not many changes are expected in this. The aerodynamic design in particular will go a long way in increasing the fuel economy of the car. It will most probably come in two trims RT and SRT.

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Abundance of space and improved comfort levels are perhaps going to be the biggest takeaway as far as the interiors are concerned. The space available between the two rows of seats will most probably see a significant increase. This will provide improve leg space. The cargo area will also be larger and it most probably will offer around 28 cubic feet of storage. This should be enough for taking care of the storage entire family. The interiors will also be designed contemporarily but continuity with the previous models will most probably be maintained to a great extent. Since it is a long time any big changes have been made one can expect that the changes to the interiors would be trendsetting and perhaps even path breaking according to many experts.



There are rumors that the 2017 Dodge Magnum will use the tested and proven V6 engine under the hood. It most probably will almost be the same as the V6 2.7 liter version which was used in the previous models. It will deliver a majestic 190 HP at 5500 rpm. However, the new engine is predicted to provide a much better output and stronger performance both in the long and short hauls. But these are all based on rumors and hearsays and there are reasons to believe that Dodge might even spring a pleasant surprise and take competitions unaware with a high quality engine. There is no other option but to wait and watch and hope for the best


Fuel Efficiency 

There is no denying the fact that fuel efficiency plays a very important role as far as any new model of cars is concerned. Dodge Magnum 2017 model will also see some improvements to fuel consumption. There could be many reasons to expect some positive changes. First and foremost is the aerodynamic design about which we have spoken few words earlier in the article. Further quite a few changes are being contemplated in the engine, auto transmission system and other such attributes.

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All these are likely to go a long way in making the 2017 version to be much more economical in fuel consumption. However since not much information is available, the best option is to wait and watch. It certainly will match the previous models of Dodge Magnum and what customers expect are some significant improvements in mileage. Improved power and pickup does not mean that fuel efficiency should be sacrificed.


Release Date And Price

While it would be impossible to predict the exact price of the new model of Dodge Magnum there are reasons to believe that it will be around $20,000. This is because they will have to keep in mind the price range of similar cars of competitors and they cannot to be knocked out on price in spite of having some of the best features. As far as the release date is concerned, this again can be guesswork at best. It is quite possible that it might take some bit of time and there are many who believe that the release date could be pushed to early 2018 because of various constraints.

At the end of the day Dodge would like to ensure that the remodeling which is being done after so many years is perfect in all ways. Even if it means missing the deadline by a few months, it would be a better option than coming out with a half completed remake in a hurry.



At the end of the day there is no doubt that the 2017 Dodge Magnum update and remodeling is being awaited keenly. This will set the trend for many other cars and models in the same class. Therefore as mentioned earlier it could be a trendsetter for many others to follow. Hence the next few months are going to be interesting as the new model hits the road.