2020 Ford Bronco – Confirmed Facts About, Specs and Release Date

March 18, 2017 FORD, Upcoming cars

An Overview of 2020 Ford Bronco

2020 Ford Bronco is considered as one of the most iconic SUVs which are returning back to the auto market after long gap. At 2017 Auto Show at Detroit the Blue Oval Company has officially announced the comeback of 2019 Ford Ranger pickup and 2020 Bronco SUV within few years. This iconic SUV will be built at Michigan Assembly Plant of Ford in US. According to Joe Hinrichs from Ford it will be made without compromising on its quality as a mid size vehicle with 4×4 utility for thrill loving people who want functional vehicle to drive freely on the road having usefulness and space like an SUV. It will be able to handle types of surfaces from daily traveling to traveling on boulders and gravelled roads.

Though Ford Bronco is expected to be released in its comeback version by 2020 but still people who love to drive Ford vehicles are becoming anxious to get some information in this regard. Brief information about the development of 2020 Ford Bronco since the initial inception of this concept vehicle to the day of its return is provided here under in this write-up to satisfy their anxiety.

Ford is planning to add 4-5 utility vehicles in its arsenal in 2020 and new version of Bronco will be one of them. 2020 Ford Bronco is expected to return in US auto market along with 2019 model of Ford Ranger at the Assembly Plant of Ford in Wayne at Michigan.

Initially Ford has built Bronco for the first time in 1996 on the basis of its pickup F-150. It earned a bit bad name in the auto market after some infamous chases with this car. From 1983 to 1990 Ford also sold Bronco II based on the models of its Ranger pickup. Today people are really anxious about the return of 2020 Ford Bronco with its cool logo. Ford has already started to work on designing its new models.



According to Ford new version of Bronco will be like all good off-road vehicles released before it like the Jeep Wrangler. It will be a 4×4 with real body-on-frame no-compromise vehicle. According to Raj Nair, the Product Development Chief of Ford, 2020 Ford Bronco may share the frame with the pickup Ranger which may make its debut in 2019 in U.S. It is also assumed that like F-150 Bronco may have aluminum frame as the 2018 model of Jeep Wrangler is expected to switch over to aluminum.

Though nothing officially has been announced in this regard still it is expected that both the new additions, 2019 Ranger and 2020 Bronco may share the same platform. This platform may really make the Bronco an SUV with proper body-on-frame instead of a car based vehicle like Edge or Escape. According to unofficial reports, like current model of Ranger, 2020 Ford Bronco is also expected to be developed in Australia.

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Due to the lack of any official report some of the information provided in this write-up can be based on rumors and unofficial information or on the basis of the previous models of Bronco. 2020 ford Bronco is expected to have two doors like its previous models but it can be changed as most SUVs today do to have two doors. Authentic information about the number of its doors will be provided later on whenever received.

Though nothing can be said authentic but the design of 2020 Bronco is also expected to be based on the design of Raptor. But some others are of the view that it may externally look like Reddit. According to a verified but anonymous report, received from a designer at Dearborn Development Center of Ford, the new Bronco can be very similar to the recently released Ford Everest with some minor changes in its exterior.

The Everest is a SUV built on the platform of current version of Ranger available exclusively in the markets outside of the U.S. This SUV with five doors was designed in Australia and built in Thailand and includes wide a range of diesel engines from Duratorq. If this information is true then the new version of Bronco will be extremely different from the original Bronco but a bit closer to the Troller, as per the expectations of many people.



The performance level of 2020 Ford Bronco is also expected to be like that of off-road versions of Ford vehicles. Logically it seems to be true as some of its competitors like Jeep Wrangler etc. are also following their iconic performance level in their future models. People also expect the release of smaller version of Bronco to be sued for rock crawling as well as across wide spread deserts instead of the huge Raptor pickup.


Authentic information about the engine/engines of the comeback vehicle 2020 Ford Bronco is also not available till date. On the basis of rumors it is expected to have an engine like that of Ranger pickup used in US under its hood. But according to some other unofficial reports it may also have some kind of a small turbodiesel engine or a small EcoBoost gas V6 turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Ford has also used its signature EcoBoost engine in its GT Supercar and an off-roader pickup Raptor. This engine may produce somewhat more then 300 horsepower along with enough amount of torque to drive this new SUV excellently. It may also have an engine used in 2018 model of F-150 whereas Ford can also use one of the Duratorq engines popularly used in such vehicles since more than ten years.

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Place of manufacturing

It is expected that both the 2020 Ford Bronco and the 2019 Ranger will be produced at the Wayne Assembly plant of Ford in Michigan. But most of its development and engineering is expected to take place in Australia at Asia-Pacific Engineering Centre of Ford in Victoria, to be more particular. Both of these vehicles are expected to share the shortened version of the T6 platform, normally used for small pickups, because the new Ranger will also be developed at the same centre.

2020 Ford Bronco Raptor Concept


Though no official information about the price of 2020 Ford Bronco in USA is not available still its price can be expected somewhere between $30,000 and $35,000. This price is calculated on the basis of the prices of latest versions of Ford Everest, 4Runner and Wrangler. At the current rate of conversion the price of Ford Everest developed in Australia was $40,000 in US market. But as the production of 2020 Bronco will be shifted to Michigan so its price will have to match with its other competitors like 4Runner and Wrangler which is nearly $35,000. So the price of this new SUV can start from $30,000.

Release date

As announced by Ford at 2017 Detroit Auto Show the release of 2020 Ford Bronco for sale can be expected by the start of 2020. If the things went positive then you can expect its display at 2019 Auto Show at Detroit.

In this way, according to the information provided in this write-up about 2020 Ford Bronco it is worthwhile for the fans of this new SUV to wait some time more for its revival. It is considered to be the best SUV in its class. The return of this iconic SUV in 2020 has been officially confirmed at the recent Detroit Auto Show. You can also rely on this news as it will be produced locally at the Michigan Assembly Plant of Ford.

2020 Ford Bronco Announcement At Detroit Auto Show 2017