2019 Toyota 4Runner – New Platform, Uni-body Design and New V6 Engine

February 15, 2017 Toyota, Upcoming cars

Overview of the 2019 Toyota 4Runner

It seems that the year 2018 is going to be the best year for automobile industry as the release dates of a number of world class cars is supposed to be fixed in that year. It will provide lots of opportunities to the consumers to buy cars after comparing their features and prices in a healthy competitive environment. But prices are least considered by the people who want to buy the hottest stuff in the market. 2019 Toyota 4Runner is one such car that is going to prove to be the hottest deal in 2019.

Toyota’s 4Runner is a crossover made especially for the people wanting a hatchback but a bit larger one. It tough looks, excellent off-road prowess and a powerful engine are supposed to be its main features. Though this car is in the market since more than five years but now they are working on its updated version to release in 2018.

We think that Toyota will debut the 2019 4Runner in the early part of 2018 at one of the larger auto shows, then it will hit the dealerships toward the end of 2018, just in time to be badged as the 2019 model. According to the news received from very reliable sources this car is supposed to have a uni-body design to allow its future models to meet all the standards of safety and emission. But this change may affect the off-road characteristics of this car.

2019 4Runner exterior

The car is supposed to be based on a new platform of rear wheel drive vehicles as most probably it will be developed in collaboration with Lexus. Though nothing authentic is available about this car but it is supposed to be meant quiet special as a truck or workhorse replacement. It may weigh nearly 400 pounds less than its previous models because of new platform used in it.

2019 Toyota 4Runner Exterior

The design given to the exterior of this 2019 Toyota 4Runner to give it an aggressive as well as sporty look is expected to be like a truck. Its grille is expected to be a bit projected to give it a more dominated look along with the popular headlights of this automobile brand. Some projections are expected to be around the wheels and the hollow sides on the front on which the fog lights are attached are supposed to be the most notable details that this car to increase aggressiveness of its exterior looks. But its back may not have any considerable change.

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This car is expected to look more aggressive than its competitors due to the new platform used in its exterior design. The exterior of this next generation car is supposed to be considerably changed by making it a bit curvier than its traditional boxy look. The back of this car is supposed to have a sporty look due to its small tailgate, its front may take some features from a smaller car RAV4 and its top may have roof mounted spoiler to give it more aggressive look.


The interior of 2019 model of Toyota 4Runner may have considerable changes. As per rumours received so far may have more cabin space due to its new platform. As per standards of automobile industry this new car may have lower floor and seven seats as compared to its previous edition. Along with more cabin space this car can also provide better driving position to the driver.

Its TRD Pro model in 2018 is expected to have black bezel headlights and a bold grille. In order to provide maximum off-road and on-road traction it may have especially designed all-terrain tires. Destination Search, Pandora and iHeartRadio can be additional features in its cabin. The Entune Premium Audio System expected to be provided in it may take it to another level. In order to increase durability its shift knob is covered with leather.

There can be a variety of trims in this car from which you can choose as per you liking. It may also be available in its standard trims with other features like Bluetooth connectivity, Entune infotainment system of Toyota, an 8 speaker stereo system and a power lumbar support to make it more comfortable and entertaining.

2019 Toyota 4Runner Engine

Though it is expected to have a uni-body design but that does not mean that everything will be good in this car. It may be less powerful due to its smaller engine which may need more revolutions to give enough torque. It will make this car less competent for towing purpose. But still you can expect smoother ride from this car as it may prove to be better on-road vehicle than others. It may likely have 3.5 L V6 with 5-speed automatic transmission direct injection and 4WD drivetrain engine of Toyota with few changes to provide 270 lb-ft torque and nearly 300 horsepower which is more than sufficient for a crossover having seven seats.

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But the fuel consumption of this 2019 Toyota 4Runner may increase dramatically due to its lesser torque. The efficiency of the engine improved by using 8-9 speed gear box can be one of the best features of this car. It can offer up to 30 mpg mileage on the highway.

2019 Toyota 4Runner interior

Release date and price

Though no official information about the price and release date of much awaited Toyota’s 4Runner has been received so far still it is expected to be released in second or third quarter of 2018 at a tentative price ranging between $30,000 and $ 42,000. This variation in price can be on the basis of their trims and other features. This assessment of price of 2019 model of Toyota’s SUV has been made on the basis of the prices and features of its previous models.

Why one should wait for Toyota 4Runner 2019?

If you want to buy a more efficient and comfortable SUV then it is worthwhile to wait up to 2018 for the release of their 4Runner. It is expected to have better off-road ability than its previous models from 2010 to 2017 but still the things are in the womb of future. The expected under-skin changes in the design and powertrain of the latest edition of 4Runner can provide you a better SUV than its predecessors. It is also expected that the main deficiencies of the current model of 4Runner like poor visibility, less than average fuel efficiency and bouncy ride etc. may also be taken care of while designing this new car on new platform.

So, you can expect to get a well designed and powerful SUV when 2019 Toyota 4Runner will be released anytime in September – October 2018.