2017 Dodge Avenger – Redesign & Feature Details

January 5, 2017 2017, Dodge, Upcoming cars

Overview of 2017 Dodge Avenger: Engine, Design & Feature Details

The Dodge Avenger was originally released in the year 1995. From that time, it has evolved every year and now the 2017 Dodge Avenger has become one of the most popular car models. If you are looking for a car that has great stability, good performance and equally good looking then this car can be at your top preferences. This car basically has all the latest features and facilities that you can look for to buy. Since, the investment of buying a car is quite huge, it is never really worth taking any risk. But with this car you can blindly go for it. The recent upgrade it has gone through in 2017 has made it quite a popular one.


Engine Of The Car

The first and most important thing that people consider while investing on a new car is the engine. It determines its power and performance after all and that is the most essential factor that a car must have. Since this car has gone through some minor changes, it is evident that it has come up with the best engine to ensure superb performance. The power enhancing engine under the hood of this car is the 2.4 liter inline four-cylinder engine which will be producing a power of 173 HP. It is paired up with a 4-speed automatic transmission.


Another option that you will get to choose for the engine is a powerful 3.5 liter V6 4-cylinder engine which has the capability of producing 283 HP of power. You can also pair it with a 6-speed automatic transmission with a manual shift mode for a better enhancement of the performance. Fuel efficiency of this engine is 21/29 mpg. So, this is a revolutionary change to the whole Dodge Avenger series by Mitsubishi. The redesign and enhancement that 2017 Dodge Avenger has witnessed is undoubtedly a great one! You can expect a great performance on any road terrain from this car.


Exterior of The Car

Talking about the looks of this car, it is quite elegant and so classy. This car actually looks like a coupe and not just a bland sedan with some doors. The daytime running LED lights are quite elegant and looks great! The special and redesigned LED headlight looks pretty amazing with the modern sleek look. The grille has also gone through some minor changes. The sleek design with curved doors and hood looks quite different and very interesting. The attractive design is enough to turn many heads while you drive across the road. The exterior look brilliantly compliment the powerful performance of the car. Thus, you can get the best look along with the performance if you opt for this powerful car.

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Interior Designs & Comfort

Another important thing that you ensure while buying yourself a car is the interior space and comfort. Of course, no one like to spend a fortune on a car that cannot provide you the best comfort. Sufficient space is always advantageous in order to get cozy and comfortable with enough luggage space. This 2017 Dodge Avenger provides ample space for your legs as well as head. You can even carry a small amount of cargo or luggage easily. The revolutionary change they brought for the interior design and comfort took this car to a different level altogether.


The seats are so comfortable that you can sit and enjoy a very comfortable ride across the city, regardless of the terrain. The excellent quality leather covered seats give the premium and classy feel to the entire interior of this car. The manufacturer has kept both the aesthetic as well as comfort factors in mind and applied it while designing of this one. The contemporary look blends well with the style and design. It is also quite advanced technically with all the latest and most advanced features inside the car. This automatically enhances the performance as well as the functionality of this car.


Latest Technologies & Features

The best thing about this car is that it has all the modern technologies that any person will love to have in their car. The LED screen helps you to navigate and browse through the music, radio, controls, climate and other apps efficiently. You will also get an on demand Wi-Fi Hotspot with this car. The connectivity technologies are quite advance. You can use the powerful Bluetooth system along with the Dual charging USB ports, auxiliary power outlets etc. Even the most advanced voice command technology is also equipped in this car. So, you are going to enjoy a great time driving or riding in this car. So, whether you are on the driver’s seat or riding as a passenger you are going to enjoy a great comfortable ride with all the facilities at your fingertip.

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Safety & Security

While riding a car safety is also important to ensure better security of your life. Since, this car is quite advanced it is filled with some amazing safety and security features. This car has given special priority to the passenger protection. The solid safety frame is a great benefit for giving more protection than any other car of this class can provide. The side guard door beams are also an addition to this model in order to ensure great safety. The airbags throughout the car provides additional protection against the crashes or accidents. The sensor driven feature will help you to identify possible hazards in advance and alert you to get out of that condition or get aware. All the security features are really great and advanced enough to make sure you are safe.



So, if you are looking for a great car with high performance, superb looks, amazing features and also advanced technologies, this 2017 Dodge Avenger is surely going to top your list. Buying this car is a pretty good decision that you will make. The car has everything that a person can ever want or look for in their car. All the advanced technologies along with the classy look and feel provides a super luxurious ride for you. You need to look at this car and go for a test drive. You are going to love this car completely!