2017 Dodge Barracuda -Innovative Features and Release Date

January 5, 2017 2017, Dodge, Upcoming cars

2017 Dodge Barracuda Review

The trend of remaking the new version of the old models is in progress in the automobile industry. Now many popular manufacturers are introducing the new versions of their old models with some developed features and advanced facilities. Similarly, the maker of the Barracuda decided to redesign the old version with a new model 2017 Dodge Barracuda. The news has come from some authentic sources with some images of the new model. Like the previous models of the Barracuda, it is expected that Dodge Barracuda will get the attention of the buyers. The new Barracuda will be introduced into the market with a stylish look.


The 2016-2017 Dodge Barracuda will not come as a replacement of the Challenger model. Instead, it will be faster than the predecessors and will look different. Many speculations are coming up on the look, design, and facilities of this new version. People expect that the new model will come with some better features and with the old look. Do you think like this? If yes, then you might need to change your thought. You will notice a major difference in the look of this model. If you want to know more about the 2017 Dodge Barracuda such as the design, look, facilities, price, and release date, then go through the following 2017 Dodge Barracuda review. In the review, you will get all the required information that will help you to take the right decision about this trendy car.

Look and design

The new version will not be the exact copy of the previous Cuda. Cuda was an old model and you will not find any major similarity between these two models. The new vehicle will get the modern chassis with a plenty of line combos. Besides the natural curves, it will exhibit many angular lines. You can also expect Barracuda’s signature split rectangular grille up front and the angular tail-lights.

These designs will be taken from the Challenger. When it comes to the look, it will appear spectacular with some old design and new innovative creations. In short, it will be an aggressive and fast vehicle. The pair of the fog lights and head lights will match perfectly with the large grille. The hood will allow additional air flow from the engine bay. The twenty-two inches wheels of the new Doge Barracuda will add to the aggressive look of this new model. The front and back lights that have been equipped with the latest LED technology that will improve the overall appearance of the vehicle.

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The exterior will be slightly different from the previous versions. It will be smaller in the dimensions in comparison to the Challenger. In fact, it will be smaller, faster, and lighter than the previous one. It is expected that the new vehicle will come in a similar shape like the Maserati Coupe since both of these models will share the same platform. You might also find a brand aerodynamic design with big wheels, modern looking front end, and a unique back end. The front fascia of this model is going to be futuristic. The makers have also focused more on the comforts and luxury. In addition, it will retain the Street and Racing Technology. The new vehicle will be lightweight that will contribute to the performance of the vehicle. In brief, the new Dodge Barracuda will be stylish, modern, and comfortable.



The interior design will be more exciting. It will have a unique interior that will focus more on the driver. The cabin will be sporty with the curved dash and the modern materials. You can expect some major changes just like the top tiers will offer leather and the accents will be made of aluminum. It will come with the sports seats that will be upholstered with the red leather. It has focused more on the comfort of the drivers while designing the interior. The new model will come with the modern touch screen display that you will find in the center stack. The center console will have an automatic air conditioning and SAT/NAV system. Also, it is expected that the new model will come with the modern connectivity options that will include 4G LTE capability. You will experience these changes in the new model. The other things will remain same like the previous ones with some minor exceptions.

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You will find some major changes in the engine of the new Dodge Barracuda. It will not have the HEMI engine like the previous model. Much information about the engine has not come so far. As expected, the first engine in the motors will be a 3,6L V6 Pentastar engine. The engine might be able to make yields of 310 steeds and 288 lb-ft of torque. The second engine will be the 6,2L V8 HEMI engine with the capacity of the 485 steeds. The third one will be different. It will be the 6,2L V8 engine with over than 700 stallions and 650 lb-ft of torque. It will have the ability to achieve a top rate up to 200 mph. Besides, the engine will be joined with the Tremec manual transmission with the six rate. The new version of the Dodge Barracuda will drive on the different powertrains, like the Camaro and Mustang.


Release Date and Price

From the above details, you must have some idea about the look and design of the new model of Dodge. It will be different from the previous ones. It will offer you a new look with some advanced features and comfort. It will retain some original design as well. If you are looking for a trendy look and all the comforts then you will have to wait until the release date. Dodge Barracuda has not confirmed the release date of its new model. It is expected that the model might hit the market anytime soon. You might not have to wait any longer to drive your favorite model.

2017 Dodge Barracuda is a stylish and trendy car. It will also come with some creativeness and innovative features. Hence, you might need to spend more for this vehicle? Are you thinking the same? If yes, then you are wrong. The price of the 2017 Barracuda will be below $50,000. You will have to wait till the release date and the official confirmation to know the exact price.