2018 Toyota Celica – New Futuristic Appearance – Interior and Release Date

February 2, 2017 Toyota, Upcoming cars

Overview of 2018 Toyota Celica

You may be curious to know what Toyota is planning to release in 2017 if you are one of the fans of this auto brand. Toyota is planning to release the latest model of its car named as 2018 Toyota Celica in this year. Though no official information about this car is available until not but as per rumours this car is supposed to be the upgraded version of the 86 Celica, with a number of futuristic and stylish changes.

The original models of Celica were introduced with sportier trims but they have become the part of history during these years due to the discontinuation of their production. As per unofficial information received so far Toyota is planning to release Toyota Celica in 2017 as the life of its GT86 is going to end in near future. The review of 2018 Toyota Celica provided here under will help you to know this new car more closely.

Toyota is expected to make some considerable changes in the interior and exterior of this version of 2018 Toyota Celica to make it more impressive and functional than its previous versions.



Even a small rise in the price of 2018 Toyota Celica can worsen the situation if any considerable change in its exterior and interior is not made. It is expected that Toyota will redesign and renew its exterior to make it all together different from its last version. The exterior of this model is expected to be a bit larger than before to fulfil the requirement of the people for an additional leg room for the rear seat. Another reason of changing its design from its predecessor is that the latest version is rear wheel drive which is quite different from its last edition.

Though some of the features of 86 have been retained in it but still it has shorter rear end, longer hood, quad headlights, dual side exhaust and fog lights on its front bumper to give its exterior an aggressive and attractive look. The surroundings of this car may include standard LED lights to run during day time and automatic high beam headlights with HID reflectors. The design of its hood has been enabled to make air intake better to improve the breathing system of its engine. On the rear of this car large spoiler and LED taillights can be expected. In order to provide better performance, smooth handling and fuel efficiency it is expected that lighter materials will be used in this version of Celica.

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2018-toyota-celica interior


Along with the exterior of 2018 Toyota Celica, as per rumors, its interior can also expect considerable changes to make it nicer than earlier. Though they may use the same material used in GT86 but its design can be entirely new. It is also expected that the company may share the design of dashboard of Supra in this car to make it more interesting for its customers. They may use leather and soft materials to make the interior of its cabin and seats look classy and comfortable and use chrome and aluminum details as its main factor.

In order to make it more comfortable for the drivers it is expected that they will equip this car with power and heated sport seats. High class technological improvements like Bluetooth connectivity, high tech display screen and infotainment system like six speaker audio system can be among the features of this car to provide it sophisticated sensation.

toyota-celica backseat


The engine of 2018 Toyota Celica is expected to be the largest change from its 86 version. Currently flat-four 2.0 litre engine designed and built by Subaru is used by Toyota but in this latest car it is expected that they may use high tech four cylinder 2.0 L turbocharged engine. Though the earlier engine was sufficient to do everything required in a sports car but the turbocharged engine used in the latest car will help in producing output ranging from 235 to 258 horsepower. It is also expected that the 2018 Celica can also have two different types of powertrain engines. Its base model may have a 1.5 litre turbocharged petrol engine inline 3 to produce 180 lb-ft torque and up to 180 horsepower.

In its advanced model the company may use a 2-liter engine for those who want more powerful car to produce up to 270 horsepower. Both of these versions are expected to be rear wheel drive with standard six-speed manual transmission. A 6-speed automatic CVT transmission engine is also expected for both types of engines, if their steering wheels have paddle shifters. It can give 30 mpg millage on highway with the help of this automatic transmission.

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A hybrid version of Toyota Celica is also expected that can decrease the consumption of the fuel and enhance the performance of the car. The new version of this car is also expected to have newly designed chassis. In order to improve the performance of this car the company may reduce its weight by using more aluminum than its previous versions. It will also improve the driving characteristics of this car.

2018-toyota-celica engine


Though any authentic information regarding the price of 2018 Toyota Celica is not available till date still the information received through unofficial resources and rumours can be interesting for the enthusiastic buyer of this car. The company is trying to return to its roots through this rear wheel drive car after producing a number of front wheel drive cars since 1990s. Moreover, as per the statement from Toyota, the company can be introducing one of the three versions of Supra as Celica 2018 as they are planning to sell it alongside as its less powerful version of Supra. So the expected price of base model of 2018 Celica may range from $20,000 to $25,000 to make it more affordable and better version of its predecessors.

2018 Celica price

Release Date

As per rumors received so far 2018 Toyota Celica can be released publicly by the end of 2017 or the start of 2018. It is expected to be released at an approximate price of $20,000 after a number of new features and improvements. Though it may not be easy to wait for such a long time for a car but if you want to enjoy the drive of a performance focused car then it is worthwhile to wait for the release of 2018 Celica.