2017 Honda S3000 – Totally Redesign Will Not Disappoint Buyes

February 5, 2017 2017, Honda, Upcoming cars

Overview of 2017 Honda S3000

When Honda is planning to introduce its new car 2017 Honda S3000 in 2017 then the brief information about this vehicle available at this occasion can be very useful for you if you are looking for the latest car from this brand since long. While reviewing this car you will also know about its features, price and release date so that you can easily plan about purchasing it.

Honda S3000 supposed to be released in 2017 is the upgraded second generation roadster model of its previous car from S2000 series. It is expected that along with introducing its new car the company will not withdraw its S2000 from the market. The S2000 launched by Honda at the end of 2009 was earlier launched in 1999. In order to introduce its new concept car as the successor of S2000 the Japanese giant car company Honda has Christianized it as S3000. The approximate dimensions of this car include 2840 pounds weight, 50.0 inches height, 68.9 inches wodth, 162.2 inches length and 94.5 inches wheel base.


Design of 2017 Honda S3000

The exterior and interior of 2017 Honda S3000 have been redesigned to give it more stylish look than its predecessors.


2017 Honda S3000 is supposed to be the latest vehicle from this brand. The features and looks of this car are supposed to be the similar to that of S2000 model. Externally it may look like its competitor CR-Z. The weight of this car is supposed to be lighter than its predecessor but it may look manly, forceful and leaner form outside. They might have mainly focused on to give its exterior a smoother look. Its durable front guard may have LED head lights whereas its rear guard may have LED tail lights. Thus they might have tried to blend undoubted style and liveliness in this model by including better and streamlined features to its external design. In order to give more energetic look to its exterior they may upgrade its front grille.


While upgrading the interior of 2017 Honda S3000 lavishly the company may have hefty plans to include most recent and new hardware. Thought the company has not made any official announcement about the changes in the interior of this new car still it is expected that it may have enough space in its cabin to adjust at least two persons at a time. The steering wheel and seats of this car are expected to be wrapped with calfskin leather to give it premium finish.

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The inclusion of a large touch screen infotainment system on the dashboard of this car along with Bluetooth connectivity, satellite based navigation system, high quality music system and USB port etc. are some of the big changes expected in its interior. In order to improve the security and safety of the driver and passengers the company may include balanced footing administration, facultative ABS, lane departure warning system, ground management system, controlling guidance, path takeoff cautioning, dynamic guidelines for using multi-angle rear view camera, collision reducing braking system and road departure migration system in its latest vehicle. Every quarter of this car is expected to show that unusual focus will be given to give creative uplift to its interior.

Engine and fuel efficiency

Like other features and internal and external decorations the engine of 2017 Honda S3000 is also expected to be very different from its predecessor S2000. As per the predictions made by some of the experts in auto industry it may have either of the two types of engines 3.0 L or 3.5 L V6 engine to produce 300 hp or 280 p power respectively. These engines are more powerful than the 1.5 L and 2.0 L turbocharged engines used in various trims of S2000. Unlike their power production both of these engines may produce lower torque.

If this information received from unofficial resources provide to be true then this car will be the fastest cars ever produced by Honda. It can access speed from 0 to 60 mph in just 5 seconds. The engines of 2017 S3000 may have gearbox with 6-speed manual transmission or 7-speed automatic transmission for its both options- rear wheel drive and all wheel drive. This car will be more fuel efficient from the other cars of this brand due to the presence of 7-speed automatic transmission. The EPA rating of its mileage is expected to range between 23 and 27 mpg.

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Release date

Earlier the release of Honda S3000 was expected by the end of 2016 but it was postponed to 2017 due to some unknown reasons. Though any official information about fresh release date of 2017 Honda S3000 is not available till date still its release is expected to be anytime during the first quarter or first half of 2018 year.


Like all other aspects about the release of 2017 Honda S3000 any official information about the price of this latest vehicle from Honda is not available till date. Still, according to some market experts the expected price of the base models of this car is expected to range between $ 35,000 and $ 38,000 depending upon the configuration of their engine and other features. This assessment of its price has been done on the basis of the prices of previous models of Honda cars.

Similarly some other experts have considered the price of S2000 as base to assess the price of this upcoming model of Honda S3000. According to them the price of the base model or standard model of this car may start from $35,000 against $28,000, the price of S2000. For its higher trims their expectation for its competitive price reaches up to nearly $40,000. The official price of 2017 Honda S3000 is also expected to be competitive to its rivals to boost its sale as per the expectations of the company.

Thus 2017 Honda S3000 is expected to be the best car ever produced by Honda due to the remarkable changes made in its exterior and interior designs along with its engine. If you are looking for an excellent car from Honda then it is worthwhile to wait for the release of its latest car even if you are not ready for it. it is expected to be more attractive and stylish than its predecessors like S2000 on which it has been named S3000.