2018 Ford Bronco – Is Coming Back! Actual Information on Changes and Release Date

January 26, 2017 FORD, Upcoming cars

Overview of 2018 Ford Bronco

Since Ford has decided to release its latest model of Bronco in 2017 most admirers of Ford cars are waiting when their dreams will turn into reality. It is assumed that the company will update lots of problematic features of its previous version to present a completely updated 2018 Ford Bronco to its customers. Ford has decided to introduce updated version of its previous model because during last few years the company has introduced a number of cars after updating their previous versions.

The introduction of 2018 model of Bronco on the lines of F-150 is great news that excites every car lover. The construction of this new model of Bronco will be based on the conceptual platform of Atlas. Though the design of an average Bronco will be maintained in this new model but several trendy features as per today’s standards have been added to it to make it an extensively updated and likable vehicle.

The interest for the release of a new truck was expressed at large scale last year but the release of this new model was postponed for 2017-2018. In order to make its release possible in 2016 the company could not manage the updates required necessarily to give it new appearance. For this reason the release of the latest version of Bronco is expected 2018 year instead of 2017 year. The 2018 Ford Bronco review provided here under will help you to know this new Ford vehicle more closely.


The company has considerably changed the design of the latest versions of Bronco to make it entirely different from the model that was planned to release in 2016. In order to include new prospective to 2018 Ford Bronco the company has decided to give a very find look to its setup to give it a modernised look. The language of designs of the latest models of the company’s SUVs during last few years is expected to be used while developing this latest vehicle. The design of Bronco 2018 is expected to include the platform of Atlas in the similar manner as it was used in F-150 of Ford and at has proved its usefulness pretty efficiently.

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In order to give a stronger and massive look to the latest model of Bronco Ford has decided to provide a large grille on the front side of this car. This grille will complement to the headlights newly included to it will make it more suitable to the concept of this car on the whole. The company is also expected to include two stripes of LED lights to its headlights to give it somewhat exaggerated look than its other line of vehicles. On the front of the car the company is also planning to add some essential fog lights to help in increasing the visibility of the driver at the time of difficult weather conditions.


2018 Ford Bronco Interior

In comparison to the exterior of 2018 Ford Bronco its interior has not been upgraded so extensively. But still whatever has been changed in its interior is considerable enough to give it a newer look. The high class material is the first thing that has been used in its interior to give it a new look. The changes made in the interior of 2018 model of Bronco were to improve and increase the aesthetic sense of this vehicle along with making it more suitable and comfortable for the users.

The capacity of the cabin of the new model of Bronco has also been increased by making it spacious so that it can easily accommodate 5 people. Along with it the company has also decided to include various technologically advanced features to it to emphasise on the comfort of its passengers. It may also have the standard setup provided by Ford in all of its vehicles but with some changes to give it a new look.


Specifications of the engine

The 2018 Ford Bronco is expected to be released with three types of engines. Its basic version may have 4.7 litre 6-cylinder engine to produce 645 lb-ft torque and 330 horsepower in all. Though it is considered as the basic setup required for any vehicle still it can prove to be great choice for this car. A 5.0-liter 8-cylinder Coyote engine is the second type of the engine used in it to produce 420 horsepower. But the highest rated 8-cylinder 5.8-litre engine is expected to be used in the third variant of this car to produce 632 lb-ft torque and 662 horsepower to increase its potential to the maximum. The transmission system of the engines of basic and medium models is expected to be attached with 6 speed automatic transmission whereas 6-speed manual transmission system is expected to be included in the engine of its highest model.

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2018 Ford Bronco Release date and price

Any confirm information about the released date and the price of the 2018 Ford Bronco has not been announced by the company. But, as per the rumours in the car market, it is expected to be released in the last quarter of 2017 or beginning of 2018 at various prices depending upon their features and level of updates in their design. The prices of latest model of Bronco are expected to start from $28,900 for its basic model which may go up to $46,990 for its most powerful and highest model.

Reasons of introducing crossovers like Bronco

The small crossovers with two or four doors were very successful few decades ago because they were more affordable to run as compared to the sedan vehicles due to their low taxes and low price of gas. But to have ride of better quality and ensuring their safety from crashes the interest of the people changed to bigger crossover vehicles. Resultantly the number of small crossovers reduced considerably in the market. However, the demand of compact crossovers improved again during last few years.

Many small families started selling out their sedans even at much low prices. In this situation Ford has taken an opportunity to introduce a small crossover in the form of Bronco as other manufacturers like Chrysler and GM have not shown much interest in this field. Though Ford has initially planned to release its new crossover in 2016 but due to various reasons its release was postponed to next year.

Thus 2018 Ford Bronco is expected to be released in the last quarter of 2017.  New Bronco will be available for the general public from the first quarter of the year 2018.

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