2016 GMC Sierra 2500HD

December 4, 2016 2017, GMC

2016 GMC Sierra 2500HD Overview

If you are on the lookout for a pickup vehicle which is full size, then you perhaps only two options ahead of you. You could either go in for a light duty truck or you can look into the prospect of choosing a heavy duty truck which again if full size. However at the end of the day it should offer commercial grade facilities and conveniences. When both these main factors are taken into consideration there are reasons to believe that choosing 2016 GMC Sierra 2500HD could be a intelligent decision. This vehicle certainly falls into the second category.


Why It Is Evincing Interest

The Sierra 2500 HD has gone through a full redesign last year and therefore one can expect to have a impressive new set of capabilities and features. The towing capacity has been increased quite significantly and it could be termed as muscular to say the least. Hence whenever there is a need for long distances hauling of heavy loads, opting for the 2016 GMC Sierra 2500HD could be a great option. It certainly is a big challenge to those manufacturers who are keen on offering vehicles for heavy duty pickup

What Is New In This Model

There are quite a few changes which are worth mentioning. For example it comes with a completely new wireless device charging system. Additionally it would be pertinent to mention that it now is incorporated with a revised Infotainment system. This new system is known as IntelliLink.



What Is Likable

There are quite a few things that are likable as far as this vehicle is concerned. It is quite powerful and can haul and tow almost anything. The engines are extremely powerful. For work on job sites it is perhaps one of the better vehicles available today in its price range. The new cabin is excellent and could be one of the major takeaways as far as this vehicle is concerned. However, one dampener could be the fact that nothing much has been changed in the previous engine and it is just the same. However, the power and hauling capacity matters and this is quite good. It is priced in the range of $34,700 to $55,800 and would depend on the extra fittings and accessories which one chooses.

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Fuel Economy

There are two engines to choose from and both are attached to 6 speed automatic transmission. The mileage offered would be around 15 miles to the liter which is quite good considering the huge carrying and hauling capacity that it comes with.