Toyota FT1 – Interior – Release Date – Engine – Specs

January 12, 2017 2017, Toyota, Upcoming cars

 Toyota FT1 review

Toyota Ft1 is the concept super car produced by one of the top car manufacturing company of the world, Toyota. Laterally FT represents Future Toyota’s and the meaning of number 1 relates to non-plus ultra regardless of its model. It is an ultimate car due to its design created by the design branch of Toyota’s North American division. The design of latest models of FT1 Toyota car is inspired by the traditional long sports car introduced by the company.

The latest model of FT1 was planned by the company as upgraded vehicle after the success of its previous models including 2015 and 2016 FT1. Toyota is introducing 2017 concept to increase its margin of profit and extend its hold on car market. Though official information about the price and date of release is not available still the overview of 2017 Toyota FT1 provided in this write-up on the basis of the rumoured information available in the car market. It will help you to know this car more closely.



2017 Toyota FT1 is going to be blockbuster vehicle for the quickly growing world market of cars due to its softened exterior features. The exterior of this car will be based on the principles of the previous FT1 models. The front of this car may house an exhaust at the middle of its black bumper and two intakes with ventilation fans along with a huge exhaust with two exhaust pipes at the rear bumper. They may collectively provide its external features a streamlined but aggressive look. It is expected to have customary LED lights in its headlamps as well as taillights like the upscale models of various other cars in this class.


In addition, in order to improve its aerodynamic qualities company may provide a rectangular rear wing around its back. Moreover, as a part of technological improvement in previous models of Toyota FT1 cars and to give its touch of ingenuity the company is planning to provide a semi-transparent top on the hood and retain traditional 19 inch alloy wheels to support its body. It may also include high performance tires for the beastly engine that drives the automobile.

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Toyota FT1 Interior

It is expected that the company will make the interior of 2017 Toyota FT1 better than its previous models to give it a better and refined look. All the instruments inside it are expected to be twisted toward the driver side to allow him to access information quickly access without struggling to take his eyes off the road. Its interior may look a bit stiffer than its previous models but the layout of its intuitive touch screen and dashboard can be more functional than others. It may have bucket style well arranged two seats covered with top class upholstery made of leather to give it more classy look. It is also expected that the company may provide satellite navigation and automatic climate control as comfort features in its interior.


Toyota FT1 Engine and Specs

Initially 2017 FT1 is expected to be marketed as a concept super car equipped with an engine that is internally combustible, according to the modern trend. In fact the company has moved away from the idea to install 2.0-liter line 4 engines in its latest vehicles since many years. Even in its 2016 model Toyota has installed a bit different engine than the 3.0-liter twin turbo inline 6 engine used in the original FT1 car to make it more effective and better to drive and more energy efficient.


2017 Toyota FT1 is expected to have an inline 4 turbocharged engine supported by a small electric system established by BMW instead of V6 or inline 6 engines which may provide horsepower 380-410 along with up to 420 lb-ft torque. There can also be a possibility to provide a 2.5-litre turbocharged V6, or V8, hybrid powertrain engine in this flagship model to produce up to 480 lb-ft torque and 450 horsepower. If this information proves to be true then the horsepower of its engine alone will put make it equivalent to the better cars in this class.

This will make it possible for the 2017 model Toyota to attain the top speed up to 180 mph and acceleration from 0-60 mph in less than 4 seconds. This terrific car can be a rear wheel drive which can make it a dazzling car on the track and good on roadways. A semi-automatic gearbox and dual-clutch in its rear and engine in its front may help this car in maintaining a perfect balance to improve its performance.

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Toyota FT1 Price and Release Date

Unlike 2016 FT1 the date of release and price of 2017 FT1 has not been officially announced till date. The non-availability of any kind of information in this regard is worrying the people involved in the field of sale and purchase of the concept cars. On the basis of the cars of other brands released recently on the market the price of 2017 FT1 is expected to be somewhere between $50,000 and $100,000 which may be a bit higher than its 2016 model which was expected to be within $40,000 and $50,000 before its release. But nothing can be said confirm unless the company officially announces its price. This exaggeration in its price can be to create a hype to increase the interest of the buyers for the upcoming model of FT1 car.


Thus, the concept car 2017 Toyota FT1 is expected to be better than the previous models of FT1 cars of this company. All of its features including exterior and interior are expected to be upgraded by the company to widen its grip on world market of conceptual super cars along with increasing its profit margin. Though any authentic information about its features, price and release date is not available till date even then this overview can help you in make up your mind to buy it as you can expect the best from Toyota on the basis of the performance of its previous models till date.


Toyota has introduced the concept of FT1 cars purely to produce track and performance focused sports car and created them on the basis of the designs made by the North American Design branch of Toyota after extensive research. The elements of energy and emotions found symbolically in the FT1 cars were captured by them to introduce in future cars of this brand.