2016 Jeep Patriot – Old Heart with a New Body

December 4, 2016 2017, JEEP

Rerview of 2016 Jeep Patriot

If you love jeeps then you will be curious to know more about the 2016 version of Jeep Patriot. It is a much talked about vehicle. We will have a closer look at the various features as far as this jeep is concerned. To begin with many often have a tendency to compare it with Cherokee and other smaller models like the Renegade ones. It is likely that these might have superior packaging but for those who are looking out for a cost-effective solution then having a closer look at 2016 jeep patriot would not be a bad choice.



It is Somewhere In Between

The reason why this model continues to interest customers is because it offers a relatively middle ground between the likes of Honda CR-V and various other smaller models like Chevrolet Trax or Nissan Juke. However, whenever a review of this vehicle is made, memories quite naturally go back to the earlier version of Patriot. If one were to base their opinion on the previous models, then there will not be anything positive about it. However, it would be wrong to judge the latest 2016 version based on the previous models. Here are a few reasons for this.



Design Features

As far as the design features are concerned it perhaps would be the same as that of the older versions Subaru Forester is concerned. One cannot afford to ignore the bold exterior yields, the boxy trim and an interior which has gone through lot of changes and has quite a few utility changes visible. The entry and exit has been made quite easy. This is mainly because of the roofline which is much higher as compared to the previous models.

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Two Variants Are Available

The 2016 jeep patriot is available in two variants Latitude and Sport models. It has a boxy exterior and has aged graciously if one would like to put it that way. Further the new model has been designed keeping in mind city driving and maneuverability. Further it also has a number off road capabilities and at the end of the day offers good value for money.


Downsides If Any

The interiors are stark and according to many it is not in line with changing times and needs. The poor MPG with 4WD is also something that is evident amongst many drivers.On the whole there is no doubt that the 2016 jeep patriot has some improved features in terms of cosmetics and the engine and other technical features continue to remain the same.