GMC Trucks – Popular Models Overview

December 3, 2016 GMC

GMC Trucks: What Are The Popular Models

GMC or General Motors Truck Company is originally known as GMC Division of General Motors LLC. This is one of the divisions of the popular automobile manufacturer in America caked GM or General Motors. Their main focus in on the trucks or any utility vehicles. They manufacture some really useful trucks of different sizes. GMC Trucks can be used for several purposes such as light duty and heavy duty. They sell both commercial as well as pickup trucks. There are many models that are really popular and also useful to the people for different purposes.

What Is The Brand History?

General Motors (GM) was originated on September 16 by William C. Durant in the year 1908. GM, in the year 1909, purchased Rapid Motor Vehicle Company of Michigan. This formed the base of the General Motors Truck Company. From this, the brand name GMC Trucks came into being. GMC maintained mainly 3 locations for manufacturing. And these are Pontiac in Michigan, Saint Louis in Missouri and Oakland in California.


In the year 1916, one truck of GMC came to New York City from Seattle in just 30 days. And again 1926, a GMC truck weighing 2 tons was driven from NY to San Francisco. It took 5 days and 30 minutes to reach. Even in the 2nd world war, GMC truck manufactured about 600,000 trucks that are used by the United States Armed Forces. So, from then only trucks by GMC are quite popular. If you are looking for some of the truck models by GMC, read on.

Some Popular GMC Truck Model

As mention earlier GMC Trucks manufacture all types of trucks like heavy-duty, light-duty and mid-size pickup trucks. Here are some of the popular models of each type of the trucks manufactured by GMC.

Light Duty Trucks: Undoubtedly, this type of trucks can deliver a good power and efficiency along with great performance.

Model Name: SIERRA 1500

One of the most popular models of the light-duty truck by GMC is this one. It is an exceptional truck with premium accents and great performance. The crafted body enhances the exterior beauty and class along with comfortable interior. The LED headlamps as well as tail lamps and fog lights look very classy and elegant. The interior is equipped with the all the essential and latest technologies for superior comfort. It also contains some advanced safety features to make sure that the ride is safe besides being comfortable.

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The SIERRA 1500 is equipped with an efficient and high performance 5.3L V8 EcoTec3 engine. It delivers the best performance along with the best fuel economy. The engine also features Active Fuel Management, Variable Valve and Direct Injection. The power and the fuel efficiency are both are perfect for light-duty truck. The direct injection and variable valve timing features are important to make sure that the driving is smoother and also efficient.

High-Duty Trucks: The heavy duty GMC Trucks are best for delivering professional capability that you are looking for. You can get high performance heavy duty tasks from these trucks. Here is one of the most popular models

Model Name: SIERRA 3500 HD

This is the best GMC heavy duty truck which deliver the exact result that one expects from a heavy-duty truck. It is designed in such a way that it can help you to perform its best. The Duramax diesel 6.6 L V8 Turbo engine provides a power of 397 HP and a torque of 765 lb-ft. the Allison 1000 Series transmission adds to its performance also help in improving fuel economy. It provides a seamless assistance to the brake system also. When it comes to a heavy duty truck, suspension is very important. The Sierra 3500HD delivers a smooth ride across with an independent coil over shock suspension in the front.



This heavy-duty truck is made of high-quality durable steel that provides strength. The cabin is quiet and the exterior is of high strength steel which is ideal for heavy duty performance. The spray on bedliner is excellent and provides a durable watertight seal. It helps to protect the truck bed from any corrosion, scratches and dent. Even the details on the exterior of this truck is really classy. The LED front light and bright chrome grille looks amazing. The bumpers are also bright chrome.

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Mid-size Trucks: The mid-size GMC trucks are quite useful. Here is a popular model of mid-size truck manufactured by GMC.


The Canyon Truck is the best GMC midsize truck. It is a large trucks which has a lot of capability and has some versatile features. The quiet cabin and its comfortable seats are really great. The high level features and advanced technologies equipped in this truck is really worth mentioning. It is consisted of power driver seat, electric power steering, Duralife brake motors, CornerStep rear bumper etc. The interior of this car is well crafted with beautiful and comfortable design. The truck is engineered in such a way that the passenger will enjoy an exceptional level of quietness.


This truck is equipped with Duramax 2.8L Turbo Diesel Engine that delivers abundant torque and power. This engine is quite efficient and provides the best fuel economy which is 22 MPG in the city and 31 MPG in highways. It provides a power of 181 HP at 3400 rpm and the torque is about 369 lb-ft at 2000 rpm. It is B20 Biodiesel capable and also has trailer brake controller. Driving up the hill as well as downhill is quite easy with the help of this midsize truck by GMC. You can feel the comfort and smoothness while riding this truck.


So, these are some of the popular GMC Trucks models of different sizes. If you are looking for the best one for your own need then, you can buy anyone of these according to the size you need. Mainly these are for commercial purposes but you can use midsize trucks for your personal purpose too. Always make sure to check the features and specifications thoroughly to know more about the purpose of the truck. The features and specifications should be ideal according to the size of the truck. This will help it to perform smoothly and in the best way.