2018 Chevy El Camino – Legend is Back? Release Date Will Surprise Buyers

January 25, 2017 CHEVROLET, Upcoming cars

Overview of 2018 Chevy El Camino

The vehicle brand Chevrolet is strongly known to build pickup trucks since long. All the successful trucks in the US include mid-sized Colorado and full sized Silverado truck from this brand. It was expected since long that GM will return back to the US automobile market with a vehicle naming El Camino. The vehicle with this nameplate was introduced by GM 1960s and its production continued up to the year 1987. This vehicle that was classified as a truck was a utility coupe vehicle. The company introduced it to respond the popularity of Ranchero truck from Ford. Currently Chevrolet is again planning to bring back this nameplate as 2018 Chevy El Camino, the production of which was stopped long back in late 1980s.

2017 chevy el camino

Though the concept of this car is supposed to be the same as was of its old version but lots of improvements and changes in its design are expected this time. More supporting flagships and decors are expected to be included in it to give it a new look. It is also expected to be provided with high technology dashboard and the best steering wheel. As per rumours its release is expected in the start of 2018, even if no official announcement in this regard has been made so far.

The company presented new El Camino to the audience at Paris Motor Show on 15th February, 2016 along with opening nearly 8 sites all over the world for its development and manufacturing. It is expected that Chevrolet may use a Multi-Jet II engine in 2018 Chevy El Camino to extremely improve its capability to work all day long. As per the claims made by Chevrolet the release of this will be biggest of this decade as it will be one of its kinds.


According to the unofficial reports received so far, Chevrolet is not going to build new El Camino from the scratch. A vehicle under the name of Holden, Holden Ute, from this brand is already available in Australian market. Though it is a truck but it works like a sedan as Commodore sedan is its actual platform. The steering, comfort, equipment and ride etc some of its features that behave like a sedan but it also has a cargo bed to haul almost everything. Though nothing official is available till now but it is expected that GM can import it into US after minor modifications.

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2017 chevy el camino exterior

New El Camino Exterior

According to some reports the design of 2018 El Camino is expected to be almost similar to the presently available Holden Ute. It may have a blend of features of passenger cars and trucks. It may come with the features like two door cabin and low height ride along with a coloured strip on its body to divide its upper and lower portions and the sport grille design popularly found in Chevy vehicles. Its appearance is supposed to be improved through the sporty shaped front bumper and the grille set between its slender headlights.

The trim levels of 2018 Chevy El Camino are supposed to be designed newly by providing it new 21 inch alloy wheels. In order to provide safety to the passengers it is expected to have safety airbags and good cruise control. People are not expected to experience leg room problem in this vehicle as it may have a lot of cabin space. The big bumper on its front edge is expected to have crosswise pattern. The rear side of 2018 El Camino may have features like bumper with dual exhaust tips and upright tailgate with traditional taillights. It may also have a back bonnet or luggage space to load nearly 70 to 80 kg cargo.


2018 El Camino Interior

Though exterior of this vehicle resembles with various trucks of 1970s but its interior may not match with them as its interior design is like a car. Its interior is expected to be different from any other passenger car of this brand. An 8 inch infotainment interface screen is expected to be included on its center stack along with an attractive panel for instruments. It may have conventional seats with lower specifications made of chipper materials. Leather upholstery in contrasting colors and sport bucket seats can be one of the high points of its interior.

The interior features of 2018 El Camino may include everything found in a passenger oriented car. Some of its features may include full power accessories, automatic climate control, strong sound system, latest safety feature s and latest infotainment system from MyLink. It is also expected to have pre-installed GPS controls to track a specific car and roads etc. You can also connect your pen drives and iPods to the Led screen on the front seat to listen to the songs and watch movies of your choice during ride.

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Engine of 2018 Chevy El Camino

Though no official information about the engine in 2018 El Camino is available until now but still powertrain options are expected to be found in its various models. They will produce subtle acceleration and high-end torque required necessarily for a goods carrying car. The company may offer two types of V-6 engines 6.0-liter to produce 360 hp and 3.2-liter to generate 300 hp to power up its base models. But its high end versions are expected to have a 6.2-liter V-8 engine to generate 400 horsepower with the options of 6 speed automatic and 8 speed transmission.

This vehicle can produce almost 26 mpg millage on long roads and 32 mpg on speed tracks. It can achieve 0-60 mph speed in less than 8 seconds normally suitable for the cars carrying goods. It may provide quality drive of passenger car due to sedan based hardware available in it. It will provide stability and confidence to the driver in turns through its electric steering and suspension set-up. This feature cannot be expected in any work oriented truck.


Release data and price of 2018 El Camino

The information about the release date and price of 2018 Chevy El Camino provided in this write-up is based on the rumours in the vehicle market as no official information is provided by the company until now. On the basis of these reports this model of 2018 El Camino is expected to release during 2018 in the US. The comeback price of this vehicle is expected to start around $35,000 which can be different for other models depending upon their features.