10 Reasons of Car Wrecks

Car wrecks are a common occurrence on roads, globally. Depending on the impact of the wreck, the results are either injuries or deaths. The estimated annual deaths from the accidents range are at least 1.5milion, with the injuries taking over forty million people. The most affected group is the young adults aged below 44 years and above fifteen years. From a global view, the ten most common reasons for car wrecks are:


With the world adapting modern infrastructure, the drivers are taking advantage of the improved roads to go overboard with the speeds. Most highways and expressways have high speed limits and the occurrence of car wrecks is always fatal. Losing control of the vehicle at this high speed is possible and it is advisable always to keep the speed at manageable speeds.


The driver’s concentration is important in controlling the vehicle. Any slight distraction, either in the vehicle or on the road can cause an accident. Mobile phones and sudden change in road terrains are the major distracters that lead to fatal accidents. It is advisable not to use the mobile phone while driving to maximize concentration.

Faulting Traffic Rules

All traffic rules are meant to increase the safety of all road users. Speed limits and terrain change signs are important in regulating the speeds and concentrating the driver on the road. Overlapping and assuming traffic lights is a major cause of car wrecks. Read and follow all road signs no matter how mild they seem to be.

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Poor Visibility

Weather changes are another cause of accidents across the globe. Rain and winter snow reduce the visibility and increase the risk of accidents. Some roads have reduced traction rates that reduce braking efficiencies, causing accidents. All drivers are advised to use fog lights and use manageable speeds.


All road users have the responsibility of ensuring safety. Recklessness is a major cause of accidents, especially when at high speeds. Some drivers imitate the chases in movies, only to end up causing wreckage on the road.

Inexperienced Drivers

With the many happenings on the road, it requires an experienced driver to make informed decisions on how to reduce accidents occurrence. In USA, teenagers are the major causatives of accidents due to naïve decisions on the road. In addition, drivers on new roads are likely to cause accidents when compared to drivers used to the road.

Drunk Driving

Driving when not sober leads to impaired decisions that cause fatal car wrecks. Even with the alcohol limits in place, any level of drunkenness puts drivers and the rest of road users at risk. If you have to drink, assign a designated driver to drive you home to avoid accidents.

Car Problems

Mechanical problems lead to loss of control and wreckages. They range from tyre bursts to unresponsive brakes, especially when in high speeds. Occasional servicing can help reduce this risk.

Bad Roads

Roads with potholes and unmarked road risk areas are a causative of car wrecks. Some drivers end up in ditches or hitting trees as they evade the worst parts of such road. Such roads require maximum concentration and driving at low speeds.

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Driving while tired reduces decision-making and concentration on the road. It would be advisable to take a rest rather than risk causing a fatal car wreck.