2018 Volkswagen Golf – Radical Changes, Release Date, Price

December 27, 2016 Upcoming cars, Volkswagen

An Overview of 2018 Volkswagen Golf

Those who follow Volkswagen closely would certainly be aware of The Volkswagen Golf. It has been around since the mid 1970s and it also has undergone quite a few changes over the past many decades. Hence whenever a new version or an upgrade of Golf hits the market, there are reasons to believe that it will have some bit of continuity and there will be some changes which will be on expected lines. The model which is now on the roads was introduced during the early part of 2012 and it was shows at the Paris Motors Shows. Hence this model is almost more than five years old and therefore there is no doubt that customers are expecting the 2018 Volkswagen Golf to come out in the market. There have been some changes made in 2017 also but according to experts and customers these are cosmetic at best. Therefore there are reasons to believe that the 2018 model will have quite a few dynamic and radical changes. Therefore let us try and learn more about this proposed new model and review it on the basis of information available.


What To Expect

The front fascia is expected to have quite a few changes and the headlight senses also have been give a complete refurbish. The infotainment systems also are expected to go through lot of radical changes. The engine also is expected to have quite a few changes including seven speed dual clutch transmission. This is already there in the 2016 model and it has replaced the six transmission unit which has been there now for quite some time. Further a lot of new safety features are also likely to be available and they might include emergency baking with monitoring facility of pedestrian movement, traffic jam assist and much more.


It has A Big Fan Following

It would be pertinent to mention that the Golf model is an iconic one and ever since it hit the markets in 1970 it has sold more than 33 million units. It therefore is a favorite amongst fans. However, the appearances have been mundane and predictable all through and competition has certainly left it behind. Whether it is Ford Focus, Mazda 3 or Fiat 500, there are reasons to believe that they have changed and evolved with time. However, the new version from Volkswagen has factored quite a few such changes which competition has done.

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The biggest and most extensive change of 2018 Volkswagen Golf will most probably happen to the exteriors. This is the area where this machine will see a lot of new changes. The front fascia will be sportier and the air dam is well and truly much higher when compared to the previous models. The corner intakes may not be necessarily larger but they will most certainly be elevated and be in line with the pre-facelift model which never happened. There are other important aspects like the chrome strips in the grille which now moves into the headlights.


The Rear

Nothing much will change in the rear apart from the fact that they will come with the LED taillights. Further they also come with higher trim which have the advantage of flowing turn indicators which are quite bright when they are operational. While almost all other things will perhaps remain the same, one needs to have a closer look at the horizontal body line on the hatch. This is expected to be much more pronounced than ever before. The reflectors also may go through some reshaping. Beyond these nothing much is expected as far as the rear is concerned.


The Infotainment System

The biggest changes are likely to happen as far as the infotainment systems are concerned. They will be replaced with the next generation MIB infotainment systems. They will lead to screens which are larger and also will come with better features. Further when one goes through the 2018 Volkswagen Golf review they also should have a look at the unique Composition And Discover Media Systems. They come with an eight-inch touch screen. This is a big change and is around 1.5 inches bigger in sizes when compared to the previous models. It also is coming with a gesture control and this is the first perhaps for any VW model.

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A few More Changes One Can Expect

Since Volkswagen is planning to take the competition head on, you can expect that lot of changes might be there in the hood too. The first change which one can expect is with regard to 1.5 liter TSI EVO gasoline engine. This certainly is a powerful engine which will be able to deliver 147 horsepower and a torque of 189 pound feet. It also comes with turbocharge facility and this will be very much on expected lines. Further it also will have Active Cylinder Management and also common rail direct fuel injection. The fuel economy will be around 4.9 liters for 100 kilometer or it will be around 48 mpg when converted. Further the 1.5 liter TSI version is also expected and this might be followed with a BlueMotion 1.5 liter Diesel. These will come with a higher horsepower of 128 and they also will be able to generated 147 pound feet of torque. The mileage offered will be around 4.6 liters per 100 km or when it is converted it will be around 51 mpg or just slightly about it.


Safety Features

As mentioned above there are quite a few safety features already available with the 2012 model and the same have been replicated in the 2017 model too. Hence there is nothing much to change in this aspect though there could be some small cosmetic changes here and there.



In fine there are reasons to believe that the new 2018 Volkswagen Golf will be a big departure from the past as far as the interiors, exteriors and even the engine are concerned. The biggest change to the engine is without any doubt moving to a seven transmission option from the six transmission one which has been around for almost 46 years now. Hence at the end of the day completion and the market has forced Volkswagen to change with time and there are many who believe that it should have happened much earlier, but they also say it is better late than never.