2017 Volkswagen Atlas – Latest News Price and Release Date

December 22, 2016 2017, Volkswagen

An Overview of 2017 Volkswagen Atlas

As per the information available in automobile market, 2017 Volkswagen Atlas is likely to be released very soon. After the doubtful release of this vehicle by the end of this year it has been confirmed to be released very soon in the coming year. In 2013 the concept of this SUV was known as Volkswagen Crossblue which resembled perfectly to this version of this SUV, as per the reports of production received. The overview provide her under will help you to know this vehicle more closely.


Exterior and Interior

This version of Volkswagen Atlas SUV is based on the concept of Crossblue designed in 2013, as mentioned above. Officially this vehicle has been named Atlas even though its concept has been named differently. This SUV is going to have seven seats in three rows to provide enough seating capacity to its owners. Though much information about the construction of this car is not available still it is expected to have a muscular bonnet and squared-off wheel arches as per its original concept.


The construction of this SUV is expected to be based on the platform of MQB. Though it will be placed under Touareg but it is expected to be larger than its Touareg model. Even if no information about its interior is available right now but logically it should not be better than Touareg.

Engine of 2017 Volkswagen Atlas

Though nothing has been announced about the engine of 2017 Volkswagen Atlas till date but still it is expected to have powertrain engine as per its original concept. The two electric motors and 2.0 litre diesel engine of this concept car should generate 187 bhp power.

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One of its electric motors will be placed at the front on the combustion engine to produce power output of 54 bhp. The second motor placed at the rear may produce power output of 14 bhp. The complete engine of this car may collectively produce 302 bhp output power with 516 lb-ft performance torque.

A 9.8 kWh li-ion battery located in the floor of cargo area will kick-starts both the electric motors of this car. This new Volkswagen car may also get a hybrid powertrain in addition to the engine discussed above. This turbocharged four cylinder engine may be available in both versions, diesel and petrol. The standard configuration of this car may include 4WD but it may also be available in optional configuration of all wheel drive configuration, if required.


Price and release date of 2017 Volkswagen Atlas

No confirm information about the price of 2017 Volkswagen Atlas is available till date but you can expect to know it during certain car show event held in California by the end of this year. The release date of this car is expected to fall in the beginning of 2017 but its sale may not officially start before second quarter.

Final Words

This SUV is more than interesting. No matter whether you are a fan of German engineering of VW or not, no matter whether any previous VW product caught your attention or not, this one is certainly going to attract your eyeballs. So stay tuned for the update.